What contributes to well-being in the workplace?

For years, combining well-being and work in a company has been challenging for managers and employees alike. Work has become only a means which allows employees to meet their needs. As a result, work in a company and well-being seem to be impossible to associate. On the other hand, nowadays, well-being at work has become indispensable in a company. It’s worth noting, however that there are several people and factors that contribute to the realization of well-being in a company. But what is well-being in the workplace? Who are the actors and what are the factors at play? And what are its foundations?

What is corporate well-being?

Well-being at work is a set of factors that are likely to have an impact on the quality of life of workers in a company. This includes health and safety at work, the psychosocial impact of all the tasks performed, the work space, etc. Indeed, it is a state of mind that allows employees to feel a satisfactory harmony in the workplace. The notion of well-being represents fulfilment as well as comfort for the body and mind. Visit idprevention.com for more information on occupational health.

The actors of well-being at work

However, implementing well-being in a company requires the ability to address all the people in the structure. There are many actors who can participate in this implementation of well-being at work. The involvement of everyone is necessary in order to ensure its effectiveness. Therefore, the key people in the company are actors. This includes all the departments and managers. In addition, the Quality, Safety and Environment Department is also part of the well-being actors. Then there is the Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee with the Occupational Health Department and each manager of these structures. Then there are also the key people outside the company, i.e., the social security bodies.

Foundations of well-being at work

The concept of well-being at work is based on several criteria that allow the quality of life at work to be optimized. There are several foundations of well-being at work. First of all, there is recognition, which is essential, because everyone may feel the need to be respected, recognized and listened to in their work. Then, there is fulfillment, commitment and interpersonal relationships that really impact the quality of life in the company. Then, a pleasant work environment can influence employee motivation. And finally, stress prevention is essential. In general, stress is responsible for occupational risks such as mental and physical health problems.
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