Anger management: some tips on dealing with anger

Feeling anger is natural and normal. What hurts is when anger is harmful to the person or to others. When anger is destructive, it becomes a feeling that can lead to very bad actions or words. And when anger falls, many regret their actions. So, what should be done to control and manage anger?

Knowing yourself to manage your anger

In order to manage your anger, you have to know yourself. You have to know how you react when you are angry. How does your body, your mind, react during the feeling? By knowing all this, the person can control his actions and words. To do this, you need to do a self-diagnosis. It is important to write them down so that you can remember and deal with them. It is also very important to ask others how you react when you are angry. The people around you become precious helpers for this. You should not hesitate to ask everything, in order to be able to control your gestures and words. Because it is important to recognize that feeling anger is natural, it is the inappropriate gestures and words, which are regrettable, harmful and wrong. At the same time, define and know your true values, because these are the ones that make you feel angry. By knowing and defining your values, you can better manage the anger you feel.

Empty yourself to release your anger

Holding back anger is not healthy for the person who feels it. In order to be able to release anger without harming oneself or others, it is important to release it in other ways. Getting away from the object of your anger and taking a walk helps a lot to calm you down. Walking is one of the easiest ways to get rid of your anger. Some people also run. Otherwise, almost all sports activities help to vent and manage anger: boxing, swimming, and many others. For those who like yoga, it is really effective to control oneself during periods of anger.

Communicate your anger to be able to manage it

To manage anger effectively, it is important to know how to communicate it. Communicating anger means expressing it. There are different ways to express your anger. The first way is to write it down. To do this, it is important to write down everything that comes into your head during moments of anger, even the worst thoughts. With this, you will be able to see for yourself exactly how you feel in those moments, and you will be able to manage your anger from there. Confiding in a third party who can help you effectively is another option. This person is not the object of the anger. He or she may not be a professional: a friend, or someone you trust.
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