Ho’oponopono: explanation, practice and benefits

The Ho'oponopono method originated in Hawaii and has been practiced for centuries on that island. In addition, it is also based on simple rules, and allows you to live in harmony and peace with others and with yourself. More precisely, Ho'oponopono is a method that allows you to transform your life and live  it differently. This philosophy of happiness promotes reconciliation with others and also with oneself.

What exactly is Ho'oponopono?

An ancestral practice of Hawaiian origin, a very old Hawaiian custom. It has been transmitted orally through time. This practice aims to help people to find inner peace and quiet, but also to bring back peace within a family or a community in the case of strong issues or relationship problems. The idea is to reconnect and bring peace through forgiveness and mutual mediation. Ho'oponopono is generally composed of 2 (two) words, "ho'o" which means to begin an action and "Pono" which means righteousness, integrity, goodness, morality, honesty, benevolence, perfection, but also purity and correctness.

The benefits of the Ho'oponopono method

First of all, Ho'oponopono allows you to reconcile and better manage all conflicts. This is its first objective, because when you practice it, you must pronounce (internally or orally) the formula forgiveness, sorry, I love you and thank you. Then, it also allows you to reach inner peace by teaching yourself to accept the fact that you are not a victim and that you have a role to play in each course of your life. And finally,  it helps to reduce stress and relieve tension. Indeed, this method is also useful to find the real causes of your fears. Through this method, related to serenity and relaxation, it is easier to initiate all the essential changes you want to see in your life and also to move forward. This tool aims more precisely at personal development, because it helps you to improve the relationships you have with others and to develop your own resource.

The 7 (seven) main principles to consider about ho'oponopono

In general, there are several basic principles of Ho'oponopono to consider, so you can apply them concretely in your daily life:
  • Physical realities are the creation of your thinking,
  • Your thoughts of anger and resentment will create realities of anger and  resentment,
  • If all your thoughts are perfect, then they will create benevolent and fair realities,
  • Everyone is 100% responsible for their own reality,
  • You are the own creator of your physical worlds as it is and so you can  influence it by transforming your thoughts,
  • Peace begins within,
  • Everything exists in thought in your minds, for everything is within.
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