Resilience: a character trait?

Resilience is a trait that many people wish to have in life. There are many benefits  of being a resilient person, hence why this trait has been highly essential in life, especially in times of crisis. Anyone can practice resilience if they are willing to put in the effort and commitment. In this article, you will discover the importance and characteristics of resilience in your life.

Is resilience a skill or a strength of character?

Psychologists describe resilience as the ability to pick yourself up after life has broken you down. Many more resilient people have learned how to get through obstacles and difficulties safely. Resilient people learn and know how to survive the life challenges that come their way. They have also learned how to get back on their feet after a traumatic incident. Nevertheless, if you ask therapists, they define resilience as the ability to continue on the road you believe is real, despite any problems or obstacles. A positive person overcomes the initial frustration and quickly begins to understand that there is more happiness and fulfillment to come. Resilience is a character trait and a skill that can be learned through practical experience.

Characteristics of the Resilient Person

The resilient person implements the necessary approaches to prevent this uncomfortable situation from happening again. This also means self-analysis. She knows how to control their feeling and express their opinion. They need to control their emotions, so that they are not easily distracted. The resilient person is often able to remain focused and calm under conditions of uncertainty and slight ambiguity. The resilient person knows how to look for new ways to grow in life. They are also highly motivated and able to identify good things and draw them into their lives. They know how to use their resources to understand how to deal with a difficult situation or how to get out of it.

The benefits of resilience

Developing resilience will help you maintain loving relationships with others and keep your attitude optimistic and simple. It can also help you improve your coping skills and develop critical thinking skills. People who develop resilience tend to manage their lives better than those who don't, and may even be happier. Of course, some people are more resilient, but you should strive to increase your level of resilience. You should learn to come back from adversity in a healthy way. Resilience is ultimately a skill that can be practiced and nurtured.
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