Dental emergencies: how to find a dentist on call?

Faced with a dental emergency that occurs on a holiday, weekend or night, there is only one solution: to find a dentist on call. The ordeal of pain can affect your ability to proceed. So, if you're wondering how  to get in touch with a dentist quickly, reading this article will save you time.

The quickest and easiest way to find a dentist during an emergency

Forget about search engines. While they may be useful in other contexts, they will only delay your appointment. On the other hand, using a platform dedicated to dental emergencies is the solution to find an emergency dentist in this urgent circumstance, the office of your attending dentist being closed. The most suitable web portal,, offers you a simple approach to get in touch with a practitioner on call. Call the number 118 418 and articulate the two syllables of the verb "look after". An agent will then receive you and provide you with the contact details of dentists near your home. This may be a specialist in a hospital, clinic or office. Be careful not to go to the establishment you have found without first contacting the surgeon. Indeed, the structure on duty will perform the emergency procedure only if you call him before going there. 118 418 works every day without exception. You can therefore call it on Sundays as well as on public holidays to consult a dentist in emergency.

Dental emergencies: what are the different types?

The term "dental emergency" refers to several situations that require immediate intervention by a specialist. Pulpitis is one of the most common situations. This inflammation, commonly known as "toothache", is caused by the connective tissues of the dental cavity. Strong pressure on the affected tooth or a neglected cavity can cause it. Rapid intervention can prevent irreparable damage to the pulp, as the inflammation can lead to cell death and rotting. Swollen gums and jaws can lead to painful conditions that require urgent attention. Complications from tooth extraction, implant infections or broken teeth are also on the emergency list. Regardless of the nature of your aches, the main indicator is pain. It may be mild to moderate and can be relieved by taking a painkiller. You can then consider an appointment with your family dentist. But if the pain becomes unbearable and radiates throughout your body, don't hesitate for a second, dial 118 418.

How is the permanence of dental care organized?

Like the on-call service for pharmacies, a regulation governs the emergency services of dental practices and clinics. The regional health agency ensures its practical organization, once the approval obtained from the order of the dental surgeons. To contribute to the on-call system, each practitioner must register on the list of specialists mobilized for this purpose. The schedule established covers a period of three months. The deontology precisely identifies the professionals authorized to participate. It can be a liberal, the employee of a health center or the substitute of a dental surgeon. You will have noted it: for your care, you will benefit from the know-how of an expert in the field. It is thus not the moment to let you submerge by the fear of the dentist. You should also know that these emergencies are reimbursed by the Social Security. You should therefore take your health insurance card with you in order to complete the necessary formalities to be reimbursed later.
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