When do I need to consult occupational medicine?

Occupational medicine is responsible for monitoring the health conditions of workers in the workplace. It can also monitor their state of health and anticipate risks, by advising employees and employers. In general, the occupational physician is not necessarily present in the company. To reach him or her, you can see your fitness notice on the notice board at your workplace, or at the labor inspectorate. Find out in this article when you should consult the occupational physician.

Occupational medicine and organized consultations

Every company is obliged to have its own occupational medicine. When you are an employee, there are several compulsory visits that you must make to the occupational physician, from the moment you join the company until you leave. Before you start work, or at the end of your trial period, you must undergo a recruitment visit. You must then have periodic visits every year. When you decide  to stop working for a company, there are also pre-reinstatement or resumption visits. A Health, Security and Working Conditions Training Organization can help you if you are interested. 

Occupational medicine and unscheduled consultations

For health and safety at work, you can consult the occupational physician outside the organized visits. If a physical or moral illness is caused by your work, consult the occupational physician. The occupational physician will be able to confirm whether your illness is really work-related or not. You can also see the occupational physician if you are off work for a long time. In fact, in order to determine an illness or to order the workstation, the doctor advising the health insurance company will ask you to make a pre-reinstatement visit, if you do not work for more than three months.

Non-compliance with labor law and occupational  medicine

You can also call on the occupational health service if you fail to comply with the health law in your workplace. One example is the failure to comply with the law that prohibits smoking in the workplace. There is also the case of non-compliance with hygiene, in the event of noise or odors that are constantly bothering you. The case also arises when the equipment or workstation is not adapted. Finally, there is the situation of meals in the canteen that do not comply with the standards.
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