Tips for maintaining good health

To be in good shape, it is important to preserve your mental and physical health.

Health indicators

Health indicators

The Health Indicator is a tool for developing public health strategies and ensuring the promotion, monitoring and evaluation of the actions taken in the process.

Wellness and health

Wellness & health

There are several ways of feeling good about oneself and meditation and lithotherapy are two examples.

Health apps

Health apps

Health apps are real assets for monitoring the user’s health and helping him adopt the right habits.


Health protection in the workplace

The occupational physician is responsible for leading and coordinating a multidisciplinary team which is usually comprised of nurses, an occupational medicine intern, a health service assistant and an occupational risk prevention agent, more details on


Feeling well mentally is feeling well in one’s body

Take care of your body to boost your intellect, head and emotions. By maintaining a good balance between your physical and mental shapes, you can blossom in your life!


Maintain good health on a daily basis

There are simple exercises that are very beneficial to the body. For those willing to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and improve their health may help you prenvent it.

Physical activity

Physical activity

Physical activity improves a person’s brain function, mood and overall health.

Healthy eating

Healthy eating

Nutrition is the basis for good health and physical performance.

Deep sleep

Deep sleep

Sleep disorders affect people’s health and the quality of their everyday life.


Tips for easing the little aches and pains of daily living

Plants have their own health benefits. Indeed, there are natural solutions to relieve everyday pains such as insomnia, fatigue, stomach ache., etc.


The health needs of women

Menopause, menstruation, health disorders, sexual desires, pregnancy… Women need to take care of their health to feel good both mentally and physically.

Breast self-examination


Breast self-examination is a set of gestures to be done every month after menstruation. This self-exam detects any abnormality in order for you to report it to your doctor.

Gynaecological examinations

Gynaecological examinations

Gynaecological examinations are used to check that the reproductive organs are in good health. The examination of the female reproductive system also serves to detect potential diseases.

Healthy pregnancy


For a healthy pregnancy, it is advisable to give yourself plenty of time to prepare. You should begin filling up your maternity kit as early as the third trimester,

Signing up for a health insurance

Hospitalization and consultation
The costs of a medical consultation in a clinic, at home or in hospital can be very high. Health insurance usually reimburses 80% of the agreed social security rate for hospitalisation. Those who sign up for a hospitalization or a mutual health insurance plan are fully refunded for hospitalization costs.


The benefits of health insurance for the elderly

Senior health insurance offers coverage adapted to the needs of the elderly.

It provides cover policies that is perfectly adapted to policyholders over 50 years of age. This health coverage focuses on dental, hearing, and optical benefits.